Frequently Asked Questions

Why get a Health Plan?

In today's world, it is becoming more and more apparent that healthcare financing is a major issue for the Governments of the world. For this reason, Governments have largely resorted to insurance as a practical method of financing healthcare for Corporations, families and individuals.

Whether you an individual, family or an employer of people it is important to get a health insurance plan to cater for exigencies to guarantee that peace of mind required to be productive in life and at work. Not only does it help for better financial planning, it also reduces your risk exposure as well as your long term expense on medical bills.

How to choose a Health Plan?

In choosing a health plan, the following is to be considered.
  1. What you do for a living
  2. Family size and dispersion
  3. Health risk exposure
  4. Vulnerability
  5. Employee size
  6. Employee demography and spread
  7. Care Centres/Hospitals
  8. Affordability and budget

Why choose Premium Health?

Wellbeing is more than taking care of your body. It's about taking care of your life. This we consider in structuring our health plans. So, whether you are an individual, a family, or an Employer, we have a plan that best suits you, having considered carefully, your circumstances.

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