Premium Select

With this, clients are offered additional Benefits which clearly differentiate it from the first. it is design with specific segment of the economy in mind and helps in providing the clients with choice. Though this also has benefits that are not covered, it is believed to offer better choice for Clients. Below are some of the benefits that are not covered. The plan has the following benefits in its bouquet:

  1. General Out patient care
  2. Prescriptions and Drugs
  3. Basic Laboratory Services
  4. Routine Immunization
  5. Surgical Procedure (Minor)
  6. Admission (General ward) 15 days/year
  7. Pre-registration medical examination
  8. Admissions
  9. Ante-natal care / Delivery
  10. Ultrasound scan
  11. ECG
  12. Plain X-ray services
  13. Primary Dental Services
  14. Ophthalmological Consultation Specialist Consultation

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