Premium Platinum

This is the flag ship of our plans and also the latest addition to Premium Plan Family. Its introduction was as a result of demand from our client and our desire to meet the needs of every strata of the economy. With Client needs improving and demands increasing, there became a need for us to be creative, by so doing reorder our plan to accommodate this category of cliental. This plan is targeted at the executive class who can pay for the plan. The plan has the following benefits in its bouquet:

  1. General Out patient care
  2. Prescriptions and Drugs
  3. Simple X-Rays (CXR, Extremities Only)
  4. Basic Laboratory Services
  5. Routine Immunization
  6. Surgical Procedure (Minor)
  7. Counseling
  8. Health Talks
  9. Admissions (private ward) 25 days/year
  10. Ante-natal care / Delivery
  11. Ultrasound scan
  12. ECG
  13. Plain X-ray services
  14. Primary Dental Services
  15. Ophthalmological Consultation
  16. Specialist Consultation
  17. Medium Surgery (Appendicectomy, Hernia)
  18. Major Surgical Procedures
  19. Physiotherapy Consultation
  20. Fitness programs
  21. Major Diagnostic Procedures

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